Los Gatos, California




AB Biological Sciences. University of California Berkeley.

MA Ecology. University of California Berkeley.

MBA California State University San Jose. 




Consultant with London based Grosvenor Americas to promote community gardens and heritage orchards as part of mixed residential retail community.  2013-2014.

Organized 501(c)3 nonprofit to promote community gardens.  2009.   www.CommunityGardensAsAppleseeds.info                      

          Years of experience teaching science and agroecology.

Presenter California Science Teacher's Association annual conference.  1998-2003.

Organized joint effort with  Cesar Chavez and United Farm Workers and environmentalists to preserve agricultural land in Silicon Valley, California.

Sierra Club.      Chair Loma Prieta Chapter Conservation Committee 1984     Chair Guadalupe Regional Group Silicon Valley California 1980-1983    Delegate with Jules Eichorn to Sierra Club California chartering convention   Family Outings Coordinator 1980's     Political endorsement  commitees   Exs  Mayor of San Jose, Santa Clara Board of Supervisors,  Mid-Pen Regional Park District   MBA degree focus Sierra Club.   Current member Loma Prieta Chapter water committee    50 year member.

Provided objectives to the University of California describing sustainable gardening's basis in the science of ecology when the University was first developing it's agroecology program.

Organized effort to include agroecology in the current Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary.

Scientist Linus Pauling.  Served as Pauling's acting librarian 1993 on Page Mill Rd in Palo Alto, CA.    Worked with Pauling on US Institute of Peace project.

West coast representative United States Institute of Peace campaign 1982-1984 including Democratic Presidential Convention in San Francisco.   USIP established by Congress 1984.